Custom Feeds and Integration

Benitec Biopharma is another DrawHistory and Hatchet collaboration.

We leveraged a WordPress foundation for this website. This means we were able to provide the target audience with everything they needed.

There are many benefits of using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System). A small learning curve for clients who wish to be active in keeping their website up to date is a big one.

We were able to extend some out-the-box features to give the client a way to add reports for their investors. These reports are then organised and displayed so the user can find them without any hassle.

A core part Benitec’s communications are their investor relations. IRM Newsroom was an integral integration in the build.

It’s focus was to ensure live ASX information was in sync for investors, announcements, company reports, annual reports as well as corporate governance information.

From the Client

“Hatchet has been an incredible team to work with. They are always so responsive and go above and beyond to answer all questions posed. Highly recommended!”

– Angel Chen

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