Attention to detail

The first thing that strikes you upon entering the Bud website is the visuals are stunning.

From moving birds and clouds in the background to the instanced growth motifs of leaves & vines (each visit is unique) as you scroll down the page, the detail that went into providing a memorable user experience is incredible.

A site this standout definitely didn’t go unnoticed either, with Bud receiving international recognition with an Honourable Mention from Awwwards, Special Kudos from CSS Design Awards and Honoree for Best Visual Design Aesthetic in the Webby Awards (the largest digital awards gala in the world).

Overcoming challenges

One of the major build challenges was keeping the site speed a seamless experience with such a heavy visual focus.

Enter Lottie.

Created by AirBnb, Lottie allowed our developers to integrate animations – made with Adobe After Effects – in an efficient and intuitive way. Lottie works by exporting the animations as JSON data, which can then be added using JavaScript.

Bud heavily utilises ‘lazy loading’ and WebP compression to handle images paired with the Amazon Cloudfront to handle the distribution of static assets.

By using these methods, we were able to facilitate the heavy visual storytelling that unfolds throughout the Bud site and create a truly unique web experience.

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