New tricks for an old dog

When the Shenton Park Dogs Home needed to upgrade their site, Hatchet was ready to pounce on the opportunity (pro-bono).

We wanted to provide a fun and user friendly (much like the dogs themselves!) way to browse dogs and receive all the information they would need about adopting a furry companion.

Each dog is provided with a ‘get to know’ section to easily help the user know if it’s a suitable match for their household and family situation. On top of this, more generic information such as the breed, age, sex and medical history can easily be attached to each dog.

Keeping up to date

A lot goes on at the Dog Home. Every day new dogs get adopted, new dogs come in, some change status from fostered to adopted, as well as a whole heap more!

Managing all this ever-changing data proved to be the most difficult aspect of this project.

We spent a large amount of time streamlining the dog data management system. Achieving our goal of empowering Dogs Home with a simple and intuitive way to pull in live data around the dog’s status and availability.

With a better user experience and data structure supporting it, we hope we’ve jumped a small barrier to put the dogs one paw closer to a new home.

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