What is an Order Management System

As the name implies, an order management system (OMS) helps a company manage their orders. In the case of Poolequip, it syncs orders from everywhere a customer can purchase their products (website, in-store, over the phone, Ebay and Amazon) into one convenient place.

This means that when a customer purchases a product from any one of these platforms, the stock is adjusted across all of them to ensure they have data consistency.

That’s an impressive technical feat as-is, but the Poolequip OMS does much, much more. It sync with their accounting software, Xero, to automatically send through invoices and generate customer emails.

With so many customers on so many different platforms, you can imagine they would be shipping a lot of stock. That’s why every purchase that requires shipping has Australia Post tracking, shipping and packing labels generated.

We’ve made it easy for staff to box everything up, throw on the appropriate labels and have everything ready for Australia Post to pick it up from their warehouse.

And when you compare to the time and effort (and headaches!) of having to do that manually, it’s a sizeable difference that empowers Poolequip to scale, and focus on their business.


  • Sync order information from their WooCommerce website, Ebay, Amazon, in-store and over the phone purchases
  • Automatically manage stock across all platforms
  • Integrate with Xero to generate and send invoices and customer emails
  • Integrate with Australia Post to create shipping and tracking labels as well as the appropriate packing slip
  • User-friendly interface

From the client

“Highly Recommended 10/10. Hatchet has done all of the web design, hosting, software and application development for our Perth based e-commerce business since 2015.

No matter our requirements the team at Hatchet has always gone above and beyond to design and deliver a unique customised solution as well as most importantly providing fast and reliable ongoing local support”

– Jon Ellis