Taking the business online

Poolequip needed to bring their business online with a strong eCommerce foundation. They reached out us as their technology partner to deliver the next evolution of their business.

Directing Traffic

Key to the success of the project was creating a visual and intuitive user experience.

An example of the creative ways we implemented this approach is on the homepage. Visual navigation not only categorised the products, but offered users who may be less familiar with the brand a intuitive cues as to what they may be looking for.

A smart search feature was also implemented to assist the user journey. Products relating to the users search query will populate the dropdown list, before the user has even had a chance to search!

This offers them the chance to skip a search result page and go directly to the product. The removal of this extra page results in an increased buying potential.

If the user did want to view their options however, a search would results in tens (if not hundreds) of search results in an instant, with the option to filter down by brand, size or price.

From the client

“Highly Recommended 10/10. Hatchet has done all of the web design, hosting, software and application development for our Perth based e-commerce business since 2015.

No matter our requirements the team at Hatchet has always gone above and beyond to design and deliver a unique customised solution as well as most importantly providing fast and reliable ongoing local support”

– Jon Ellis

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