The Rise of Rainz

Rainz was originally created to be an internal product, designed and built by the Hatchet team to be the solution to installing yet another app, but was made public by popular demand.

Rainz makes use of the latest technology to give you blazing-fast load times on it’s website. For this we can thank TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework and Nuxt.js; a Vue framework that allows you to get up and running with your project in no time.

How it works

Rainz works by having the user input their phone number, select their city and specify a time they wish to receive an SMS. This information then gets stored securely in a database, where it can be queried when required.

The app periodically pulls information from the Bureau of Meteorology and if there is more than a 29% chance of rain forecasted for that day, will use a reliable Australian SMS supplier to fire off a text message right to your pocket at the requested time.

Oh, and did we mention the site is heavily influenced by the McCains ‘Super Juicy’ commercial?

Ah Hatchet, you’ve done it again.

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