To Gatsby and Beyond

Built with popular React site generator Gatsby, Software Wagon is a blazing-fast guide to the best software tools, as-well as being Hatchet’s first formal introduction to TailwindCSS.

The modern take on a CSS framework allowed us to rapidly build out a clean, simple design that is stunning through the use of bright visuals and illustrations.

How it works

The site allows users to easily navigate to a topic of their choice and find the best resources for that area of the web. From finding illustrations or a new text editor to JavaScript frameworks and resources, you’ll have your question answered in no time.

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, Software Wagon is a fast site too.

Extending Gatsby allowed us to use ‘lazy loading’ and ‘traced-SVGs’ so that images are not loaded until necessary and when they are, the page is able to load a smaller, blurred file until the full image has been downloaded. Then, a smooth transition so that the user barely perceives that the full image as been swapped in.

The result is far less of the page loads when you open it, resulting in impressive performance.

How’s that for fancy?

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