Recognise the drudgery of inputting information into Microsoft Excel and Access? We don’t. Let us be the solution with our native database development in Perth.

Easily Accessible

We know you want to approach information in a new way. Information should be a passport to new and exciting insight, not a hindrance.

Don’t get bogged down with old-fashioned database tools. Put our modern data structure optimisation solution to work within your business and connect with the understanding you need to succeed.

The days of relying on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are done. With our help, you can migrate your existing data onto a sophisticated and purpose built online platform, which you can update quickly and efficiently. This means data at your fingertips, data which is ready to be reported on, analysed and used effectively in the market.

How does this provide an advantage? To understand this, we need to look at Emily. Emily’s boss gave her an urgent task to complete; he wanted a report commissioned which contrasted current performance figures with those from several years ago. With the companies old, antiquated data structures, this would have been a nightmare for Emily. Fortunately, Emily had a Hachet database programmer on her side. She was able to quickly and easily submit the report to her boss.

The Hachet Data Promise

We will deliver you automated functionality; a major time, cost and labour saver when data needs to be inputted on a regular basis. Automated data input also helps to secure relevant, usable and uncorrupted datasets.

We will deliver you supreme convenience and accessibility through cloud hosted data structures and remote access capability. Whether you need to access, amend or input data at lunch time from a client’s office in Rio de Janeiro or at midnight from your bedroom in Perth, we’ve got it covered.

What’s more, we will deliver you all of this with the level of security and reliability that you have come to expect from a Hachet digital solution. Two-factor authentication, 4096-bit RSA key pair encryption, E-mail/SMS Alerts, IP or VPN restrictions… still with us? What we’re saying is, your data is safe with a Hachet solution. Let’s discuss what solutions you need and how we can protect you.


Daily, Monthly, Quarterly? Automated reports whenever you need them!


How’s your performance looking? With a Hachet digital solution… pretty good.

Giving you strength

So, the Hachet team have created your custom made, purpose built data structure for you, and you have implemented this into your business.

What now? How can you leverage the very best from this structure, optimising the benefit it provides to your organisation?

The key is to take a step back. To breathe and to relax. And to appreciate just what this digital solution from Hachet can achieve.

Your organisation likely has a vast array of data pertaining to forecasts, performance details, client information, prospect information, incomings, outgoings and a range of other subsets. Getting to the bottom of this information can be a struggle. Not if you have a powerful reporting tool to unlock the insight.

Share, edit, and track records across long periods of time, analysing a variety of different datasets against one another. This is the sort of effective reporting function that Hachet delivers.

But accessing and viewing this data is only part of the story. You need to be able to interpret this data, to gain understanding and to deliver and demonstrate this understanding to customers, partners and prospects. Never fear. This is achieved via modern charts, powerful reports, and insightful analysis.

This is your ticket to the next level; your gateway to understanding and the knowledge required to move ahead. This is your flexible, agile, but robust data structure. This is the future of your business, mapped out for you.

Get it done.

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