Custom Database Solutions

A bespoke database can evolve a business in a way no off-the-shelf solution can; built from the ground up to serve the needs of your company. A database solution gives your team a powerful tool to leverage real insight and efficiency from.

Our software developers are the experts in bespoke SQL and PHP database development, either at your office or in the cloud. We can even adapt existing databases, extract and migrate data from ageing existing systems or design custom systems.

All our developers are locally-based; we do not contract offshore, which is important.

The team you meet with wants to understand your business and the unique technical challenges you face to develop a tailor-made, reliable, clean and efficient database solution that gets it done for your business.

Custom CRM

Customer relationship management is core to the operation of a modern business.

Building a custom CRM not only allows you to track customers to optimise your sales process but empowers every department (marketing, HR, IT, etc.) that deals with multiple contacts simultaneously to manage relationships within their scope.

It makes sense to develop a custom CRM when you need to cover more than just a sales approach.

ERP Databases

A custom ERP database is a powerful tool to align your data with your business needs. Enterprise resource planning is an essential part of business operation; automation and data visualisation can help bring about better resource distribution and growth throughout a business.

Whilst preconfigured out-of-the-box solutions are typically available from larger vendors they often cater to the functionalities of larger corporations with complex infrastructure processes. Acquisition and customisation of these systems can be complex and costly.

A custom ERP addresses the unique needs and functions of your business and reduces the installation and training times associated with larger out-of-the-box solutions.

Despite preconceived notions, a custom unique ERP is often the more cost-effective and efficient resourcing solution.

And More…

Our development team lives by the motto, ‘If you can dream it, we can build it.’

We love to take on challenging database or software related problems that fall outside of the traditional CRM or ERP model, such as booking wizards.

So, what’s your latest challenge?

A Custom Database Can Evolve Your Business

Growing at Scale

Legacy Database

Stuck With A Legacy Database?

Appreciate the drudgery of inputting information into Microsoft Excel and Access?

We don’t.

The days of relying on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are done. With our help, you can migrate your existing data into a sophisticated custom database, which can be updated quickly and efficiently. Putting actionable data at your fingertips to deliver business outcomes.

Don’t get bogged down with old-fashioned database tools. Put a modern SQL or PHP data structure solution to work within your business and make your data work harder.

Database Efficiency

Save Time

We will deliver you automated functionality; a major time, cost and labour saver when data needs to be inputted on a regular basis. Automated data input also helps to secure relevant, usable and uncorrupted datasets.

We deliver supreme convenience and accessibility through cloud-hosted data structures and remote access capability.

Whether you need to access, amend or input data at lunchtime from a client’s office in Rio de Janeiro or at midnight from your office in Perth, we’ve got it covered.

Secure Databases

Security Is My Priority

All Hatchet database solutions are built from the ground up with a focus on security and reliability.

We can incorporate two-factor authentication, 4096-bit RSA key pair encryption, E-mail/SMS Alerts, IP or VPN restriction.

You can count that your data is safe with a Hatchet bespoke database.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Organisations have a vast array of data pertaining to forecasts, performance details, client information, prospect information, incomings, outgoings and a range of other subsets.

Getting to the bottom of this information can be a struggle unless you have a powerful database with reporting to unlock the insight.

With a bespoke database, unlock the potential to tell powerful data stories that offer insight and understanding that allows your company to take action on the areas that matter.

Trusted Frameworks

Google 5 Stars

Your Project Plan

We have a typical 6-step process to developing a database to fit your technical specifications:

  1. Understand Problem & Opportunity
  2. Rapid Requirement Workshop
  3. Design / Development / Content / Testing Internal & External
  4. Launch
  5. Support & Maintenance
  6. Measure & Learn

Database Development FAQ

How much does it cost to develop a custom database?

The cost of a custom database can range from $10k for the most basic of web applications all the way up to $200k+. You have a blank canvas when it comes to a bespoke database solution which means you can add as little or as many features as you like to it. 

As a general rule of thumb, we will evaluate your featureset proposed and look to break it up into phases if it exceeds $100k. This means that we can focus on developing Phase 1 with the core set of features that you need and then add to it in a second phase, building on what would normally be in production. This helps you to re-evaluate some features that may change from what you originally thought of as well as spark new creative ideas once you are using the database.

What are the advantages of bringing a database into the cloud?

Cloud computing has advanced rapidly in the last few years and organisations have been taking their databases online to reap the benefits of increased flexibility, scalability and cost savings.
When you consider the level of sophistication of systems architecture a database hosting provider such as AWS can provide, why continue jumping through hoops locally maintaining an inferior system?
Hatchet build databases system architectures that are at the forefront of technology; empowering our partners to deliver business insight and outcomes they didn’t think possible.

Is your database development done locally?

We are strong believers that West Australian entrepreneurs & businesses should have access to local, world-class database developers.
It’s unfortunate, in recent years the custom database market has been commoditised and outsourced. It’s resulted in a skill drain and inferior solutions being built for local business.
We’re bucking the trend. When you work with Hatchet, you’ll meet the local team that writes the code and they’re never more than a phone call away. It’s as simple as that.

Where do you host your database?

Our database hosting service of choice at the moment Amazon AWS.
It’s a fully managed, purpose built service that’s the envy of the market. AWS also offers some great features like auto scaling for their databases which allows our customers to scale up and down as demand changes for their application on an hour by hour basis.
With enterprise level security and load balancing you can be sure you have the infrastructure backing to grow and innovate at the speed you need.

What maintenance costs are associated with a custom database?

Maintenance costs with a database are highly dependent on the amount of traffic, data and users that you expect your application to serve. Some applications may need to scale up during the day and scale down at night, especially if they are only serving a target audience in similar time zones that are only using the software during business hours for instance. This is something we can manage too, so that you pay a higher cost during the day and a lower cost at night. We estimate all of these costs for you and keep a close eye on them and can even set a budget and billing alerts for you.