Teaming up

Matching the clean design done by DrawHistory with a focus on brand awareness and the user journey – we were able to build out a custom WordPress site to meet their requirements.

WordPress Gutenberg editor, enabled us to create unique standalone components which work in unison with the layouts on each page.

By utilising these singular components, Civic Legal are now able to easily add, order or remove these blocks with the click of a button.

These blocks use Advanced Custom Fields to store the data, which we can then query and display on the front end of the site, allowing for a seamless workflow from updating content to having the user see it.

Solving Problems

Some of these blocks were more difficult than others to build, and the moving-image hero block that can been seen upon entering the site is a prime example.

Ensuring the site remains optimised when loading such a large file is a real challenge. Our developers had to ensure their code would work correctly on all browsers, and implement redundancies in case the user was unable to download the video on their device.

That’s a lot to think about, but wethe result speaks for itself!

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