Development Requirements

Collgar Wind Farm was looking for a modern application to replace their existing Wholesale Electricity Market Trading System.

The replacement involved careful planning and deployment of a highly available architecture on the cloud with strong utilisation of microservices to ensure that a solution that will last for many years to come was being delivered.

The contracts which Collgar has in place with its customers as well as the Australian Energy Market Operator have strict requirements around reporting objectives to allow Collgar to be a Wholesale Electricity Market Participant.

The system required a staged testing approach where discrete components and connections to other market participants could be tested and mocked independently. This was required to both prove production readiness and to simulate different types of failure modes so that all parties could ensure robust testing of manual processes.

The solution we provided

Hatchet provided a modern web application built using the PHP framework Laravel. This allowed our developers to work with one of the most well-regarded tools in the industry (as well as one of Hatchet’s specialties), which eases the process of creating complex features and ensuring the project can be easily scaled in the future.

Some of these features include:

  • Integration with both REST and SOAP API endpoints with three external stakeholders
  • Decoupled architecture design using microservices on Amazon Web Services
  • Highly available infrastructure architecture spread over multiple availability zones for web, compute, database, storage, cache, logging, DNS, traffic acceleration and messaging
  • Fine grained error handling with SMS and email notification endpoints and custom alerting settings
  • Infrastructure as code allowing the replication of identical staging and production environments
  • End to end CI/CD environment with frontend Cypress browser and backend PHP unit and feature testing

The Outcome

Collgar Wind Farm have been able to carefully and successfully migrate and switch over to the new modern trading system to continue meeting their contractual obligations.

From the client

Hatchet developed WEMS trading application for us and the final outcome was way beyond the expectation- Hatchet team always provided us timely and professional response during UAT and warranty phase and application has been running successfully without any issue. We highly recommend Hatchet.

– Dev Singh

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