Managing Enquiries

Many pet owners see their pets as an extension of the family and want to help them live a better quality of life.

Their animals each have a personality of their own and it can be a complex problem at times to understand their needs. Kalmpets offers a solution, but understanding how to portray this information can be difficult.

Hatchet was up to solving the challenge; evolving the site experience and implementing solutions to solve a massive time sink in facilitating the initial enquiries that came through to Kate’s animal behaviour centre.

What do pet owners need

The Kalmpets team offer a number of solutions and services when it comes to helping their customers furry friends out.

Working closely with the team we helped them simplify their website structure to make navigation quick and easy for their customers.

Putting it together

After breaking down the site structure and leveraging the amazing pictures they had on hand, we condensed the content (emphasising a more visual focus) and developed a website that would push customers down a more tailored path.

The introduction of the pet questionnaire “What issues are you having with your pet?” has been an absolute lifesaver to their team.

By leveraging the WordPress platform and the Gravity Forms plugin the team have the capability to now update all of the dynamics forms and ensure that the correct data is captured before prior to consultation.

Information in the form of PDFs along with the enquiry information is presented to the customer providing them immediate value for taking that first step of contacting Kalmpets.

From the Client

“Hatchet provided tailored solutions to meet our unique business requirements. The end result was beyond expectations!”

– Kate Lindsey

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