New business models

New and emerging business models can often find it challenging scale. Finding the right software and technology provider to solve the many tech challenges that arise as you grow can be a daunting task.

Over the last 2 years of working with the ONS team we have implemented some rather unique software solutions that have helped them break away from a manual approach of managing their bookings in Excel spreadsheets.

With our support, ONS have now established themselves nationwide. With 5 traditional brick and mortar stores and a web presence that is rapidly becoming the backbone of the business.

Features delivered to date

  • Inventory Rental Management
  • In-store POS booking and processing capability
  • Customer Record Keeping
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Multi-tenant Stock management
  • Bookings Calendar
  • Payment management through Stripe Integration
  • Invoice processing and Xero integration
  • Credit and refund processing
  • WooCommerce store sync and order processing
  • Australia Post address verification and manifesting
  • Australia Post labelling
  • Staff management and time tracking (with 2 factor sign in)
  • Multi tenant store management
  • Auditting and logging
  • Financial and EOD reporting
  • …and many more

Integrations, Frameworks and Tools used

From the client

“When we engaged Hatchet to work with us, we were still a very small dress-hire business finding our feet. We only had two locations at the time and a few staff. After taking off a little bit too quickly, without the right infrastructure, we were really struggling to keep up.

We had the product, marketing and following to continue to grow BUT we lacked the required systems and organisation to facilitate it. I trialed various off-shelf hiring/rental software and nothing ticked all of the boxes.

Luckily, somebody recommended Hatchet and we never looked back. We worked with Daniel and Matt remotely (from Adelaide & Victoria) and they listened to every single detail of what we had, and what we needed at the time. It was amazing how well they were able to understand the ins-and-outs of our operations without stepping foot in to one of our boutiques. Within weeks we had a customised product that made our bookings fault-proof but also made work-life so much better and lifted moral.

We were then able to easily open boutiques in three more states and have since introduced an e-commerce business with all the bells and whistles (Aus-Post integration etc).

It has been 2 years since we engaged Hatchet to build our initial bookings system, but not a week goes by where we don’t work with them to add or change a feature to better suit our needs at that particular time.

I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Hatchet, and know our business would not be where it is today, had we chosen someone else.”

Natalia Fiacchi | Director @ One Night Stand Boutique

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