Partnership with DrawHistory

We were fortunate to work with the talented team at DrawHistory who curated and crafted this wonderful website design. The brief outlined that it was critical to create a WordPress website that could empower the Centre for Social Impact team for years to come.

Each year the SIF team has been seeing an increasing growth of attendees and engagement to their yearly conference. With over 6,500 people attending in 2018; an intuitive digital platform became a necessity.

Leveraging WordPress

The Hatchet team are experienced in leveraging the WordPress core when it comes to developing custom web solutions.

Moving away from the traditional way WordPress developers pull in 3rd party plugins and pick them to pieces, our preference is to take a fresh approach when it comes to WordPress development.

With some contributors speaking at multiple events, a flexible database containing configurable pricing/location/date-times/categories and some clever thinking was needed.

The SIF project flexed our abilities to leverage custom post types and define attributes that were distinct to contributors and events.

The Outcome

The website has been a huge success, it has operated through 3 festivals to date.

Through a powerful modular web design approach by DrawHistory. SIF are empowered to manage pages and content throughout the website; each year small adjustments to give the website a fresh look and feel.

DrawHistory & Hatchet

“As a purpose-driven agency, we’re constantly juggling strategy and design and have a big need to reliably execute what’s planned. It’s rare that we find a tech partner who appreciates that and does it – but that’s what Hatchet’s done for our team, time and time again.”

They’re knowledgeable in their disciplines, on time, and have been an anchoring presence on key projects. We’ve come to see them as an extension of the DrawHistory family, and that’s probably the nicest thing we can say about anyone!”

Jeff Effendi | Founder & Head of Creativity @ DrawHistory

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