The legacy system for tracking boats heading to or from a base involved paper based spreadsheets which were then migrated into excel based spreadsheets.

We created a custom software solution for Swantrack in the form of a web based tracking system. Now, when a boat departed one base, the arrival base would see it pop up on their arrivals screen immediately; resulting in a reduction of radio traffic between bases by about 90%.

Overdue vessels had SMS and email alerts, as well as status colour changes implemented. A GPS tracking device for each boat was prototyped and then developed into the system to provide a real-time tracking map of all vessels.

Features we delivered

  • Custom web application design
  • SMS and Email integration with SMS Broadcast
  • Voice alerts with Twilio
  • IOT devices: GPS phone tracker integration (Android and iOS)
  • SPOT Tracker integration
  • Google Maps API
  • Audit logging
  • Reports and Vessel Data
  • Online documentation
  • Crew log sheets
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