Working with legacy systems

We have all had to work with a legacy system at one point or dive head deep into unraveling an antiquated and bloated workflow.

What if lack of data integrity and validation errors were stopping curcial milestone reports from being executed on time?

Total Aviation had ran into this problem.

When Total Aviation approached us reports were taking a significant amount of time for staff to generate and could only be performed on a monthly basis. They needed live interactive data that could significantly reduce the amount of time that staff spent generating reports.

Converting to a modern online database

An internet connection and a way to access the local data is often all we need to convert a legacy system and turn it into a cutting edge modern online database.

One of the requirements was that for the legacy system was to run in parallel of this new system. We were able to configure a series import and export .csv files that kept the two systems in sync.

The results

The modern online reporting environment created by Hatchet has allowed team members across all functions to work more efficiently.

Originally designed to assist in the evaluation of large inventories, workflow support and reporting functionality developed by Hatchet now span across asset evaluation, repairs, sales, invoicing, collections, risk management, warehousing and purchasing.

The development of this complex database has been the efforts of both parties and the relationship we have had since July 2016. Total Aviation is continuously challenging us with complex business problems from all areas of marketing, sales and operations within their business.

From the Client

“The team from Hatchet has had a unique ability to understand our processes and to develop workflow support and reporting to enhance our operations. Hatchet are efficient, extremely responsive and on the leading edge of technological development.

The solutions developed by them helped support our growth into new products and markets and have, more recently, been critical in understanding our risk exposures. I can recommend Hatchet to other clients who are looking for a long term committed partner to improve their reporting and workflow support environment.”

– David O’Donnell

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