The Project

The Town of Bassendean council wanted a website that was easy on the eyes and encouraged the local community to share their produce and scraps.

We drew inspiration for the project from another success story we had partnered on together, Keen On Halloween. Which utilised the Google Maps API.

Our Solution

Laravel empowered us to quickly scaffold out the user models and permissions into an sleek an intuitive interface for the general public to register and submit their listing.

By segmenting the data into various categories and filters we were able to define the data points and structure of what a listing would look like within the database.

The Google Maps API provides a really efficient and seamless way to change and add data points/markers into their maps. What was left was to design the markers and filtering system to make the experience feel more inviting.


With over 250 registrations and positive community feedback. Bassendean residents are now sharing produce, scraps, mulch and manure with one another with a tool that empowers a community approach to reducing their joint environmental footprint.

From the client

They remain our trusted long term partner and we have great confidence in their ability to help us develop new programs in the near future.”

– Greg Neri