Development Requirements

WABSI required a web-based solution that could replace their existing use of spreadsheets to consolidate their record keeping of contacts, deals, organisations, segments, tasks, notes and customers.

You might ask yourself “Why build a custom tool when there are a few well-known, reliable ones already on the market?”. The answer to this is that having a tailored CRM can be invaluable to a company as it offers loads of benefits, such as:

  • Lightweight and less bloated, making it more performant
  • Easier for staff to manage and reduces onboarding training
  • Simplify common features to remove anything irrelevant to the company
  • Extend features further than a pre-existing tool can, meaning it’s far more flexible
  • Can add custom features to help understand customer value

How we did it

The app is built using the PHP framework Laravel. This allowed our developers to work with one of the most well-regarded tools in the industry (as well as one of Hatchet’s specialties), which eases the process of creating complex features and ensuring the project can be easily be scaled in the future. Some of these features include:

  • Lead and deal tracking
  • Custom web application design
  • MailChimp integration with their customers
  • Personal task management and assignment
  • Reports
  • Audit Logging


WABSI have been able to fully migrate from their existing solution to a fully custom web solution that meets their needs.